Simple dinosaur

A few words about the model...

This piece is a modification based on two of my earlier models, the Diplodocus and the Apatosaurus, both of which appeared in my Dinos and Fellows book, published in 1993. The model was designed for the sake of the newly opened exhibition in the Hungarian Museum of Natural History, entitled Giants of Patagonia - dinosaurs from Argentina.

Beside the remarkable real dinosaur skeletons, the exhibition also features a large-scale version of Issei Yoshino's classic origami Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton model folded by József Zsebe and myself (by coincidence, almost exactly 10 years after our previous work). If you would like to see them yourself, the exhibition is open until the 31st of July, 2014.

The diagrams below are free to download for personal use only.
In all other cases my permission is required.

Interested in further diagrams? Several more of them are available for sale or as free download.

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