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This 5x5 red-white chequered pattern (called Šahovnica) is the national symbol of Croats. My model was specially designed for the Poetry in Paper origami exhibition, held in Croatia (2008). Although several chequered patterns with even numbers have been folded already (see an overview here), this was only the second attempt at the 5x5 subject (at the time of designing I thought it was the first, not being aware of Olivier Viet's 5x5 model, which is rather different from mine).

I admit that the methodology of the instructions below is a little eclectic (photo & video), but this was the only way I could document the model quickly, being short of time to draw "regular" diagrams.

The diagrams below are free to download for personal use only.
In all other cases my permission is required.

Interested in further diagrams? Several more of them are available for sale or as free download.

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