Large-scale folding

Read a short report about an attempt to fold the first large-scale origami T-rex skeleton in Hungary.

Infinite folding

Study a set of interesting self-similar folds that can be folded, theoretically, ad infinitum.


Have you ever wondered how many parallel color-changed stripes can be folded out of a single sheet of square? Find the answer here.

Chequered patterns

Another color-change frenzy. Compare how various designers solved folding modular and one-piece chess boards and other chequered patterns.

Article on diagramming

Nor the first, neither the latest summary of the diagramming topic, but probably worth to read.

Creating stories

Behind every model there's a story to tell. Once I had the idea to write down as much of these as I can. Well, in practie I never got to more than one, but anyway, it's here to read.