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This model was designed in 2009 for the logo-competition announced by the Hungarian Origami Society. From the beginning I wanted to fold some very typically Hungarian theme, yet something which is simple enough to be captured with only a few folds. This led to the idea of trying to create a draw well (a.k.a. shadoof), a widely-known symbol of the Hungarian Flatland's landscape (photo). Since I am fond of color-change folding, it was clear that I shall solve the task using this technique.

The first attempt was quick and almost successful, yet it missed to feature an important component, namely the rope. By modifying the original concept, this problem could be overcome, leading to the final version that you can see in the instructions provided below. I tried to keep the model simple, it is only the formation of the well frame that may pose some difficulty for the first time. However, it is worth the job, as this method ensures that the number of excess edges "spoiling" the view is kept to the minimum.

Notes: The model on the photographs was folded from a fairly thick paper. Choosing a thinner paper will further reduce the visibility of the few excess edges, resulting in a cleaner-looking model. I apologize for not providing written instructions in English this time. I hope that the visual instructions are clear enough to make up for the lack of verbal support.

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In all other cases my permission is required.

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