Data handling policy


According to the requirements of the new European General Data Protection Regulation, visitors of websites must be informed about how their personal data, if any, are collected and handled during and after browsing. The following information is provided regarding this issue:

Types of data handled

  • Visitor statistics of the website is provided by the service of Google Analytics, which employs so-called "cookies". Visitors of this website must accept the presence of such cookies.
  • The news feed of the website can be found on our Facebook page, which also employs cookies to track user behavior. Visitors of our Facebook page must accept the presence of those cookies.
  • By using the contact form of the website, obviously, the senders must provide their names and e-mail addresses to the manager of the site.

Managing personal data

The manager of the website does not handle any personal data neither from visitor statistics, nor from the Facebook page. Cookies that are used for visitor statistics are handled by Google corporation, which has its own data protection policy. Cookies associated with our news feed are handled by Facebook corporation, which likewise has its own data protection policy.

Information that have been provided by the contact form, are handled by the manager of the website, solely for the purposes of keeping contact with the sender. Such data will not be transferred to any third party.

Manager of the website

This website was founded, and is managed, by Péter Budai.

Should you have any remarks or questions, feel free to contact me by means of the contact form.

Published: 25 May, 2018