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I have a few spare copies of the last four books for sale (in most cases that means only a couple of dozen pieces). Click on the covers below for details.

Hungarian Origami Society magazine - special issuePlay with PaperOrigami without Borders
Origami without Borders Play with Paper Origami without Borders
The Realm of PaperDinos and FellowsOrigami for Everyone
The Realm of Paper Dinos and Fellows Origami for Everyone


As the number of my own designs grew, the idea to make them available somehow for the wider public was inevitable. Some of my early models debuted in the quartely magazine of the Hungarian Origami Society, and attempts were made at a completely own publication as well. However, the hard economic situation of Hungary in the early nineties did not leave much chance to find a publisher who would have taken the risk of printing the "paper crumpling" book of a teenager.

Finally I was advised to the national publisher of study books (Nemzeti Tankönyvkiadó), which printed my first own "book". With its 20 pages it was rather a small booklet, yet a big achievement. This publication was followed by another within the same year, and a third booklet 3 years later. The latter was already drawn and edited entirely by myself.

The extent of these publications constantly grew, the models in them got more and more elborated, still I did not see them as "real" books. I decided to wait with the next publication until enough material will gather, no matter how long will it take. I was almost ready when I found a publisher that seemed to be seriously interested, but in the end the project was dumped. Inspired by this "success", I began to compile another book... Afterall, chance brought that both books got published simultaneously in Germany, so at last my years of work has reached a final outcome.

Despite the set of new models born since then, I did not plan any further books. Nowadays, with the widespread presence of Internet, publication possibilities have changed as well. Alike to the music market, today it is possible to enable users to select and download separate diagrams in matter of moments (either for free, either on a pey-per-download basis).